Panel Air Filters

Application :
Panel Air Filters are used for Nuclear Instalation Clean - Room Systems. Pharmaceutical industry, Laminar Flow Working Bench, Hospital Sterile areas, Space application Food processing zone, Bilogical Centre and many More
Efficiency :
99. 997 % to particle size of 0.3microns. Velocity 1.2 to 1.5 M / sec.
Frame :
Aluminium Flange type or Box type
Media : 
Water and fire proof 100% Micro Fibre Glass paper in pleated from.
Tapered aluminium safe edge separators design that provides significant advantage controlled media spacing for virtually no turbulence low friction, uniform velocity, uniform dust holding, optimum filter performance
Panel Air Filters
Reasons of areas with an important need for eliminating submicron particles could be bomb shelters gas masks, optic and precision mechanical production, sensitive electronic components computer, nuclear inslallation clean room systems pharmaceutical industry laminar flow working bench, hospilal slerile areas, space application food processing zones, biological centre and many more.

Air filters with an extremely high collecting efficiency were required for above specific areas.

The Absulule (HEPA) Filter consist of frame in which the media is inserted is highly folded form. The filers are held open by corrugated sepearators. The media is produced from highly waler repellent and temperature resistant 100% microglass, High Strength fiber paper. The folded configuration provides an exceptionly large fltering area in proportion to the face area of the filter.Separator design that provides significant advantage controlled media sparing for virtully no turbulance low friction uniform velocity, uniform dust holding optimum filter performance.

The air velocity through the media is very low, normally abot 2-2.5 cm/sec. The seperators are safe edge tapered aluminum or plastic. The absolutes are supplied as standard with gasket of either closed cell neoprene are if desired and at on extra charge with silicon gasket. The gaskets are provided at air entry side and air exit side.

The Sealer between the filter media and the frame is of neaprene rubber base silicone glue, urethene compound or ceramics according to the temperature requirements.
Absolute filters are available with same of extruded aluminum untreated or Elecrozined or stainless sheeting for special application.
Efficiency : 99.977