Hydraulic Filters

Inorganic fibre pleated elements with supp. mesh & paper
Superb adsorption of finest particles over a wide differential pressure range.
High contamination Retention capacity due to large specific absorption area.
 High chemical resistance due to use of epoxy resin for impregnation and bonding.
Element protection due to high burst pressure resistance during cold start and    differential pressure.
Water or water traces in hydraulic fluid do not reduce filtration effect.
Also available in SS Wire Mesh For High temperature range & High differential  Pressure.
B = 200 Filtration rating in µ (micron) 
3,5,10,20 µ Absolute filtration

 25,30,40 µ Nominal filtration

Pressure 10 Bar to 400 Bar

Full Flow Filters
Application :
Inline & Returnline Filters

 5 mic. To 30 mic. Nom

Flow 20 to 500 LPM

 Working Pressure 10 to 25 Bars